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The Lower Manhattan Expressway, as well as several other New York City interstate highways, were officially killed in the early 's.

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American Tragedy Kermit Gosnell finally takes the stand and answers the question: Sticking your neck out Several Star Trek productions have received coverage in the magazine over the years. Clearly, we are not alone.

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She also did a personal make-over, left, as a blonde, apparently to improve her appearance. The four part series would go on to win four international Gold Medals, at Worldfest Houston, the world's biggest film and television festival, in competition with the best productions from around the world: It reminds people that History is Alive and happening right now, and is merely a reworking of old themes and past events.

Michael Crichton reluctantly agreed and shooting began in the Spring of All his "nature films" and "wildlife" documentaries, though filled with great bird and animal photography, have always, strongly, focused on people, interacting with their natural environment. MGM only agreed to let Michael Crichton direct his movie if he could make it for 1.

Although the Bushwick's mainline track can still handle freight cars and locomotives, many of the spurs and sidings have become unusable as they continue to be overtaken by weeds, trees, and other plants.

Then I was also fascinated by the animated figures at Disneyland.

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A most phenomenal achievement, considering that every award was for various episodes from a low-budget cable TV series, and for completely Canada-specific productions, competing against the top, high budget, "one-of" programs, shot by the best international producers in the most exotic locales around the world.

Some websites offer this as a way to make it easier to continuously receive you favorite magazines without the risk of missing an issue due to your subscription running out.

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In spite of his passion, and talent, for wildlife photography, John Goldi has never made a strictly "wildlife film" in his life. Deakins is truly an artist. I wanted to film the scenes and then manipulate the film with a computer.

Roger Deakins was born in the English county Torquay in Devon. Your dedication to ensuring that the people of Canada have access to their stories and talent is to be commended, and the Department of Canadian Heritage is proud to have participated in funding an initiative that will continue to be accessible to Canadians through schools, libraries, and public institutions.

While the young Deakins was growing up, he spent most of his time in and out of the school.

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At one time in New York City's transportation history, small freight railroad companies such as the Cross Harbor helped to provide local businesses with rail freight services for transporting their products.

In the sordid world of Canadian television they are far from alone at stealing other people's intellectual property and passing it off as their own and then tapping into government broadcast funds to help carry it out Right after the completion of Around the World with Ridgeway, Roger Deakins was hired by the television studios to film numerous documentaries in Africa.

Diffusion filters — also referred to as “gels” — are the most common tools for altering the quality of light sources. AC tested a number of regularly used diffusions and see what their exact effects really are. Australian cinematographer Mandy Walker is up for a challenge, whether it's the outback at degrees or minus 30 on top of a mountain.

James Wong Howe: James Wong Howe, one of the greatest cinematographers of the American film industry. Howe started work in as assistant cameraman to Cecil B. deMille and in became chief cameraman for Famous Players.

He later worked at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Brothers, Columbia, and RKO, then.

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The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in Hollywood in with the dual purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form—a mission that continues today.

Robby Müller, the Dutch cinematographer best known for collaborating with Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, and Lars Von Trier, has died at age Müller’s family confirmed his passing to Dutch. The latest Tweets from AC Magazine (@AmericanCine). American Cinematographer, published monthly by the American Society of Cinematographers.


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