Analysis of fathers for justice

There have been other hugely powerful forces doing their best to demonise men in order to break down their relationships and their families. The feminists of the time, of course, reckoned that it was women who were being abused and repressed rather than the workers.

Indeed, it was around that I read Warren Farrell's brilliant book The Myth Of Male Power which exposed just how poorly men and fathers were being treated, but, despite its brilliance and despite Warren Farrell's many other scholarly endeavours, and, indeed, despite the good work of many other serious and respectable researchers, absolutely nothing was ever achieved.

As proof that Fathers For Justice is having a major impact on the issues of concern - as if any further proof was needed - here is one media research organisation stating that "Fathers 4 Justice, has mounted one of the most successful media campaigns of modern times".

Lying, deceiving, distorting, exaggerating - always with the aim of demonising men and breaking up their relationships - and so empowering themselves - are activities that they engage in without limit, without conscience and without concern.

Impact Fathers 4 Justice's main focus remains upon media coverage and legal treatment of fathers' rights issues in the UK.

Fathers-4-Justice and the Republic of Macedonia?

The use of high-profile and disruptive stunts has garnered significant UK media coverage, but the political aims of the group are as yet unachieved. Men can also be thrown out of their homes, denied access to their very own children and divorced with impunity.

He now has a good relationship with his ex wife and sees his children regularly, yet is still the leader of the militant sector of F4J.

The case against Fathers 4 Justice is now proven

They love such things. The Metropolitan Police set up a cordon around the area that disrupted traffic through some of East London for several days. A report by media consultant firm, Reputation Intelligence, confirms that the political campaigning organisation, Fathers 4 Justice, has mounted one of the most successful media campaigns of modern times.

Analysis of Fathers for Justice

K have no legal rights to see their children and Fathers 4 Justice want to therefore establish a policy that allows people to see their children, despite existing problems between ex partners. Their stunts and slogans changed the words and images with which women were able to imagine their lives.

Within days, Fathers 4 Justice had been disbanded. The Coalition Agreement included aspects which Fathers4Justice regarded as favourable to their agenda.

analysis of fathers for justice

Indeed, if he even dared to contemplate such a thing, he would very quickly be booted out of his job. Children who actively reject a parent — either the abusive or non-abusive parent — usually do so in a context of high parental conflict and domestic abuse.

Let me give you just a little insight into this. Some members were expelled but the organisation defended its position and attacked the documentary.

And this is why the distinction between, say, the left and the right of politics has all but evaporated in recent times. This resulted in a number of high-profile scandals, chiefly concerning adoption. For example, MIND a pressure group for mental health issues does a great amount of research into the causes, prevention and cures for people with mental health illnesses.

For example, they often seem to be so concerned over one particular problem and so adamant in their belief that there is just one route in which to tackle it that they fail completely to see the bigger picture, and, as a consequence, they spend many years getting precisely nowhere. In summary, there are huge forces emanating from big business, the media, the government and the feminists that strive to break down people's close relationships and their families.

Problems are the only way that they can fully justify their existence. The group has been accused of missing the opportunity to change legislation when it refused to table amendments to the Children and Families Bill in In the same month, Bristol Family Court was evacuated after a fire alarm was set off in the building during a F4J protest outside the building.

And so, unlike the Japanese car manufacturer, where most of the workers have no idea what is going on when it comes to undermining men, western governments are now packed full of workers who know full well what is going on. They can be accused at the drop of a hat of sexual harassment in the workplace, of domestic violence and sex-assault in the home, of abusing their own children, and the government will immediately step in and attempt to persecute and prosecute them in some way; even when there is not a shred of objective evidence in support of any case.

During Januarythe British newspaper The Sun published a story in which it claimed F4J members planned to kidnap Leo Blairthe young son of former Prime Minister Tony Blair "for a few hours as a symbolic gesture".

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Most fathers get justice

Anyway, I can't help thinking that Fathers 4 Justice are sheltering and supporting fathers like him - he is a fantastically manipulative man and could convince anyone that she is a hysterical liar. Who is there to protect the women and children??? Fathers 4 Justice Day of the Dad demo, London, Father’s Day, Fathers 4 Justice (or F4J) is a fathers’ rights organisation in the United Kingdom.

Founded inthe group aims to gain public and parliamentary support for changes in UK legislation on fathers' rights, mainly using stunts and protests, often conducted in costume.  Policy Analysis on Juvenile Justice Reform CJA/ September 17, Raymond Smith Policy Analysis on Juvenile Justice Reform Within this paper the writer will be discuss the public policy on Juvenile Justice Reform.

Within the paper the writer will describe the issue, tell if the policy a regulatory or legislative-initiated policy, and who initiated the issue or policy. The first Point of Justice, says a Writer I have met with, consists in Piety; Nothing certainly being so great a Debt upon us, The constitution and the founding fathers history is under attack.

There are people and organizations that. New Fathers 4 Justice is a UK-based direct action fathers' rights group campaigning for the rights of fathers to see their children. It is a splinter group of Fathers 4 Justice. New Fathers 4 Justice has a policy of not charging its supporters a fee, as they feel that dads need as much money and resource during the trying times of separation.

analysis of fathers for justice This essay will define the principal types of pressure group and distinguish between their different objectives.

Furthermore, it will examine a case study of one particular pressure group, Fathers 4 Justice, and consider it from a public relations perspective.

Fathers 4 Justice Analysis of fathers for justice
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