Beauty can be found in simple things

Parabens are widely used preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast in cosmetic products. In fact, ever since the Christ was seen opening the Bible at a random place and reading to his followers Luke 4: Chocolate Facial Image Source: And, as we know, this artistic ordering needs to be based on balancing order and chaos, symmetry and asymmetry.

Socrates, one of the founders of the Western philosophy and one of the most influential ancient philosophers, was, for example, one big bleater who used to aimlessly hang out long into the night, drinking wine and partying with his gay friends, oftentimes coming home after dawn, where his wife would wait for him to take him to an early morning bath.

They taught without words, knowing that appropriate actions, unnoticeable or sensational, may be actually louder than words.

Think Simple Now — a moment of clarity

From your attitude, character and conversations, you can make a man comfortable when with you. There is no pre-product approval before a product hits the market and enters your home. The art of stopping from whatever we are busily engaged in, turning around, making a pirouette, and gazing with pure, childlike amazement at the eyes of seemingly trivial little things, at least for a second, is the sign of ultimate wisdom in this life.

According to the Environmental Working Group EWG Skin Deep Databasefragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.

Speaking of this, I recall once hearing of tribal people who use trees instead of phones to communicate with their distant fellows.

So, what I noticed in one domain of my experience phone became quite spontaneously and irrationally transferred to another domain mind. For more by Vanessa Cunningham, click here. Be that as it may, for a long time I have joked that when I return to Belgrade, I will open the school of bleating or baaing, which are the slang terms used in Serbian language to denote the action of hanging out, roaming around and doing nothing except looking at the world and maybe contemplating about it.

Art was in my blood from an early age. For example, one of these days I roamed around the city, texting and calling people when I suddenly noticed that the batteries on my phone had almost gotten discharged.

As I participated in a barrel tasting event in Sonoma Valley and compared the earthly taste of wines from the Old World, full of the odor of leaves and oak, with the fruity taste of California wines, I was impressed to recognize tremendous differences in the taste of wines made of the same grape varietal but planted only 20 meters apart, or of those produced from the same grapes but separated by a single season.

Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith.

One of my first carvings — a raccoon — was great until I brought it in the house to varnish it. A Blossoming Life Definitely might be worth giving a try. Click here for additional information. This is why many people are addicted to romantic relationships; because just like plants yearn for water that gives them life, humans crave for love.

The same approach is applied by Nature in teaching human creatures how to find the treasures of happiness and the meaning of life. Her smile gives her the beauty of an angel and makes her spot the innocence of a child.

Simple Things

It is as if human emotions and spiritual aspirations are being projected straight from the TV screen, from objects in my vicinity, or from the hearts of creatures that hold us tightly in their thoughts and may be on the other side of the planet, onto the bottom of our soul.

Synthetic colors are suspected to be a human carcinogena skin irritant and are linked to ADHD in children. As humans in particular and biological creatures in general, we possess a natural tendency to reflect emotional states, mood and behavior of the creatures we face.

Tricolson can be found in toothpastes, antibacterial soaps and deodorants. Timing and subtleness are thus essential for preserving our successfulness in bringing about brilliant decisions. Active social living and openness to Nature and other beings has thus stood at the beginnings of the road of the Western philosophy that many great minds will have subsequently walked on, building it brick by brick.

As I held the palm of my hand impressed in the sand of the Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong, contouring hearts and names in the sand and watching them being washed by the sea waves, every once in a while dreamingly gazing in the oceanic distance, behind my back was an invisible dragon drinking water from the very ocean.

These deep and meditative layers of our consciousness may be truly those within which we have the chance to turn on the radioheads of our minds to blissful frequencies, thus sending waves of invisible beauty everywhere around us and starting to bless and secretly heal the world with every breath of ours, irrespective of how the surrounding world will interpret the superficial meanings of our actions.

A minuscule approval process exists, but only for color additives and ingredients classified as over-the-counter drugs. It can be found in moisturizers, sunscreen, makeup products, conditioners, shampoo and hair sprays.

Whereas one can see in clouds a metaphor of sublime ideas solemnly sashaying across the sky of our mind, always changing as they are being recalled and reshaped during their travel over the railway of time, another creature will see in them a metaphor of inevitable evanescence and vicissitude.

When I was in an Iroquois Indian museum in the midst of the evergreen Adirondack forest, I was shown a picturesque story about a little bird who clung onto the back of a big black bird and then released itself once the black bird became tired and turned around, and thus reached unforeseen destinations in its explorations of the world.

During the construction of the solitaire, a Feng Shui master allegedly said that the space now occupied by the hole could not be filled with bricks because the space through which the dragon curves its neck when drinking water from the bay would then be blocked, which would make the dragon angry.

By never repeating oneself, by always blending improvised novelties with the constant melody beating within our hearts, a truly inspiring way of communication is set forth.

We may feel thence as if we are a Christmas tree surrounded by tiny, joyfully twinkling lampions and a big star on top of our heads, illuminating the ways lying before us.

Children are particularly sensitive in this respect. As if I am One with the whole world at those moments. As the number of analogies that any single relationship observed or, strictly speaking, co-created in any domain or detail of our experience can lead to is apparently infinite, it is thence up to the compass of loving aspirations, to the anchors and stable edifices of intelligence, and to the ability to follow the Sun of hope and the stars of wonder to direct the ships of our thinking away from the whirlpools of chaotic and meaningless thought, and straight to some new oases in the ocean of human thought.

Educate yourself and do your research before you buy. So, I urge you to smash this book against the nearest wall and stare at the nearest thing that captures your wonder and makes it spread its wings, all until your spirit is ready to cheerily take off into an unbound flight of fancy away from the lackluster patterns of reality.

Or to open the closet and, guided by intuition, briefly browse through the clothes hanging on the racks all until I sense a light resting on one of them, deciding to wear that particular piece for the rest of the day.

I love your simple things series. Against the cold my special herbal tea recipe is a slice of lemon, a chunk of fresh ginger, a branch of thyme and honey.

I use those to make at least two or three pots (with new honey) before everything goes in the compost. Mar 29,  · Here is a piece I wrote in March It is entitled "There is Beauty Found in Simple Things." The poem is one by a good friend of mine, Robert Morgan.

Happiness can be found in simple things Sitting on the beach with family and friends having a laugh, enjoying a meal together, watching the sunrise, having a swim in the sea, reading a good book on the beach while enjoying a refreshing drink and more.

Realize that beauty can be found in the most mundane. Beauty is not always realized through a life-changing moment or a great epiphany. It’s not always hidden in a rainbow, in an earth-shattering orgasm, or found skydiving at 5, feet above the ground.

The more often we see the things around us - even the beautiful and wonderful things - the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds - even those we love. Beauty can be found in the simple in-between times.

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Simple Things Quotes

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Beauty can be found in simple things
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Simple Things - the beauty in simple