Windows nt 40 testing for a compaq prolinea 590 system

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Windows NT 5 HCL

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This driver corrects possible problems accesssing the diskette drive after installing Windows 95, particularly in operations spanning multiple diskettes, such as installing a software package.

Equipment: To test, a Compaq Prolinea was used with the latest bios installed (04/09/97). The machine had WINNT installed with Service Pack patch for the OS.

Testing Procedure: To determine if Windows NT would roll to the appropriate date, the control panel applet "DATE&TIME"(d&t) was used to change the dates. The trial The trial THE TRIAL by Franz Kafka read by Geoffrey Howard This disturbing and vastly influential novel has been interpreted on many levels of structure and symbol; but most commentators agree that the book explores the themes of guilt, anxiety, and moral impotency in the face of some ambiguous force.

Joseph K. is an employee in a bank, a man without particular qualities or abilities. System Serial Number The system serial number is displayed in two locations on the Compaq ProLinea Family of Personal Computers: on the right side of the computer near the front, and below the top expansion slot on the rear of the computer.

Windows NT HCL. From Computer History Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This is the HCL for Windows NT

Windows nt 40 testing for a compaq prolinea 590 system
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